b'2401 Lacy DriveJunction City, KS 664411-800-235-3140 (toll free)T H ENEW HORIZONSE X P E R I E N C EOur small company produces customized coaches one at a time with a level of quality that production-line units just cant match!With New Horizons, you purchase directly from the manufacturer and communicate with us throughout production! The process culminates in a three-day orientation, when you live in your RV on site and learn all the ins and outs.Like us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram Subscribe to our Youtube channelwww.facebook.com/horizonsrv at newhorizonsrv. New Horizons RV NEWHORIZONSRV.COMNEW HORIZONS IS PROUD TO USE THESE SUPPLIERS WHO SHARE THE SAME COMMITMENT TO QUALITY WE DO.'